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The study was carried out to verify all the manual processes involved in patient management system and to seek for a way of automating the system for effective operations.
 Since, there is continuous moves towards technological advances that enhanced productivity of labour and free human beings of task done more economically by machines. Computer n ts applications have become indispensable vital tools in economic, industrial and social development of the advanced countries of the world. Nigeria as a developing country cannot afford to lay too far behind in this kind of revolution. Therefore there is every need to know in energy discipline the areas which attracts computerization and why they need it.
 In this project, the software engineering principles were applied in the analysis, design, coding testing of software serious attention was also give to the design of the user interface.
 In the development of the software, visual basic programming language was used due to its support for all the features desired. A brief user’s guide is also provided. The end result is a software that is very effective and efficient in meeting its objectives and at the same time user friendly


Title page ii
Certification iii
Dedication iv
Acknowledgement v
Abstract vi
Table of contents viii
Introduction 1
1.1 Theoretical background of the study 1
1.2 Statement of the problem 4
1.3 Purpose of the study 5
1.4 Aims and objectives of the study 5
1.5 Significance of the study 6
1.6 Limitations 6
1.7 Definitions of terms 7
Literature Review 8
2.1 General review of database storage and retrieval system 8
2.2 File organization 12
2.3 Storage media 15
2.4 Database retrieval techniques 17
Analysis of the existing system 20
3.1 Fact finding method 21
3.2 Objectives of the existing system 22
3.3 Input, process and output analysis 22
3.4 Problems of the exiting system 24
3.5 Database flow diagram 25
3.6 Justification for New system 26
Design of a New System 27
4.1 Input specification and design 27
4.2 Output specification 28
4.3 File design 29
4.4 Procedure chart 30
4.5 System flowchart 31
4.6 System requirement 32
Implementation 33
5.1 Program design 33
5.2 Program flowchart 34
5.3 Pseudo code 37
Documentation 39
Recommendation 41
Conclusion 42
References 43



                                                                                                                        1.0 Background of study


                                                                                                                1.1 THEORETICAL BACKGROUND

Database is a collection of logically related files, organized in a manner to satisfy the needs of an organization. A database is a store of data structured so that access and update can be made by different people in different ways without needs to change its design or content for this to happen, it is essential that all data items are logically related.
 Database is always necessary to store date items once, because of it, input cost are lower. Duplicate letters are largely dominated thereby saving space and ensuring data consistency. Data is defined as an unprocessed facts. They are raw fact that are unprocessed. Data does not have meaning. Information are processed data through the computer, which process different type of information. Information in the computer is stored in codes. File is the collection of related filed, field is the collection of data items.
 Database management system are important, because important information requirement and non-specialist need easy ways of accessing this information. Large amount of data with many types of records occurring many times in database management system. Also in database management system, complex data structures including many relationships between data items. Many organization will have many use requirement in data base management system. Organizations will also have many frequent demand for changes to be made which only unflexible database management system can cope with.